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Maersk  spacer Citi Kenya spacer  AMSCO
Maersk – The Gateway To Liberia Is
Back In Business
  Citi (Kenya) – Inspired Irrigation
Pump Continues To Change Lives
Across Africa
  AMSCO – Human Capital Placement –
A Key To Building SMME’s
Standard Chartered Kenya  spacer BIDCO  spacer Arysta LifeScience
Standard Chartered (Kenya)
Financial Sector In Kenya Helps
Grow Agri-SME’s
  BIDCO – Refining The Art Of Inclusive Business  

Arysta LifeScience – Stewardship -
A Key To Livelihood And Safety

Standard Chartered Ghana  spacer AECOM  spacer Citi South Africa
Standard Chartered (Ghana) – An
Inclusive Answer To The Age-Old
Problem Of Cashflow
  AECOM – New Schools For Liberia
Hope To Future Generations

  Citi (South Africa) – Social Impact
Investing Breathes New Life Into The
S.A. Gap Housing Market

LionOfAfrica spacer Lafarge spacer KinrossGold
Lion of Africa – Training And Inclusion
- How To Transform South Africa's
Insurance Industry
  Lafarge - Sustainable Development
In The Zambian Housing Sector
  Kinross Gold - Responsible Gold
Mining In Mauritania
TerangaGold    PG    Ingenico 
Teranga Gold – Responsible Mining
Transforming Lives & Communities
In South East Senegal

  Procter & Gamble - ‘Water, Water
Everywhere , Nor Any Drop To Drink’

  Ingenico - Branchless Banking –
Transforming Financial Inclusion In Rural Kenya
Microsoft   AECF   Coca-Cola 
Microsoft 4Afrika - Supporting online entrepreneurs and SMEs across Africa   AECF - The Africa Enterprise
Challenge Fund
– Helping Transform Zimbabwe’s Rural Poor
  Coca-Cola - Coke’s Global Project
For Women Is Showing Returns