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For 14 years until 2003 Liberia was gripped by a shockingly violent civil
war. Infrastructure collapsed, thousands died and the country all but
came to a standstill. The gateway to the Liberian economy Monrovia’s
Port, once the pride of the region, was destroyed. Then in 2010, a 25
year concession between APM, a division of Maersk, and Liberia’s
National Port Authority was struck and APM Terminals took over
operating and developing the port’s terminal. USD $120 million has
since been invested in terminal infrastructure, with more to come, and
trade through the port has increased by 30% in just 2 years due to the


  • A female worker at Arrown Alliance saw mill, north east of Monrovia along the Kakata highway
  • Arrow Alliance
  • Brian Fuggle MD APMT Monrovia
  • Brian Fuggle, MD APMT LIberia surveys a recently arrived container vessel at Monrovia port
  • Two young Liberia's look out to sea and to the future from the top of Monrovia's Dukor Hotel
  • wood from 25 year old disused gum trees are is cut at Arrow Alliance




The Rise And Rise Of Liberia

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Vignettes LongLine

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APM Terminals Vignette - Entrepreneur
Entrepreneur, Abigail Urey-Miller, discusses how APM Terminals increases the capacity and productivity of her business in Liberia.
APM Terminals Vignette - MD
APM Terminals Liberia's Managing Director, Brian Fuggle, is proud of APMT's inclusive partnership with the Government of Liberia.
APM Terminals Vignette - Employee
APM Terminals Liberia employee, Jacqui Paye, is a multi-skilled operator at APMT with a passion for life.