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The Inclusive Business Action Network (IBAN) is a vibrant network of inclusive businesses, investors, innovation hubs and global institutions working together creating synergies for sustainable development. IBAN brought together a range of industry players in Nigeria, Cairo and Ghana.

The Affordable Housing Sector Dialogue in Nigeria highlighted challenges and opportunities in the vital yet underdeveloped Low Cost Housing environment.

Ghana saw entrepreneurs and business experts in the energy sector workshop Energy Solutions for Low-Income Communities in West Africa.

In Cairo, where millions of consumers are living on less than three dollars a day big business, entrepreneurs and NGO's working with these Base of Pyramid consumers in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Sector discussed the power of bringing new players from unexpected quarters onto a more inclusive playing field building on Egypt's rich history of trade and commerce.


  • Amin Abubakar Sulley 1
  • Coconut Seller, Accra, Ghana
  • Coconut Waste Collector
  • Ellen Seldenthuis and Hamdia Mohammed
  • Esther Oyewole
  • Ezzat Naem Guindy
  • Fruit Market in Cairo
  • Hamdia Mohammed with Fabric
  • Kiosk Stand at Night
  • Recycling Garbage in Zabaleen District
  • Seamstress Tuma Viela Project 1
  • Seamstress Tuma Viela Project 2
  • Tatweer Kiosk Shop in Maadi
  • Tayssir Ibrahim
  • Tuma Viela Project Plastic Recycling
  • Zabaleen District Garbage Recycling




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Inclusive Business Action Network - Nigeria
"It's a shame, when in a country as big as Nigeria, you are excluding 90% of the population from government programmes" - Samuel Odia, Country Director, Millard Fuller Foundation (Nigeria

The Inclusive Business Action Network (IBAN) hosted the MY HOME, YOUR BUSINESS AFFORDABLE HOUSING SECTOR DIALOGUE, which brought together a range of industry players to promote partnerships in Nigeria's BOP market.
Inclusive Business Action Network - Ghana
"My neighbourhood is like a living testimony... we are cutting down trees to feed ourselves" - Amin Abubakar Sulley, CEO and Co-Founder, Zaacoal (Ghana)

Ghana needs to provide reliable, clean and affordable energy to its people. In a country where 70 percent of the population rely on charcoal and wood as their main source of energy new solutions are required to turn around the rapid rate of deforestation. The Inclusive Business Action Network (IBAN) brought together innovators, entrepreneurs and business experts in the energy sector to discuss Energy Solutions for Low-Income Communities.
Inclusive Business Action Network - Egypt
"What we do is we go to an existing kiosk, and we try to develop this kiosk not only in aesthetics but also in the way they are doing business" - Tayssir Ibrahim, VP Sales and Marketing, Tatweer (Egypt

Kiosks in and around Cairo are doing big business in this market but very little has changed in terms of how they do it. We meet a young Egyptian entrepreneur who sees an opportunity in upgrading this sector.th other local farmers, are also enjoying easier access to water for their crops and cattle because of the project.